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Shibori Fabric

Our Chinese Shibori fabric or Zha Ran (tie-dye) is made in the Yunnan region of China.  This is a traditional cloth produced by the Bai minority who still wear this fabric today.  There are a myriad of designs that can be produced with this technique of tightly wrapping or sewing fabric into folds and puckers, which is then repeatedly dyed in the vibrant blue indigo dye. Once the fabric has dried, the tiny stiches are then cut and the beautiful design is revealed.  It takes incredible skill to produce even the most basic of patterns and years of experience to become proficient.

We work with a small family run business that produces these beautiful fabrics and hand select the designs.  Each bolt of cloth will differ in depth of colour and pattern as they are produced by hand.  This fabrics must be washed before use to ensure that the excess residual indigo is removed 

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