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Produced in the Shanghai area of China, these patterns are made by squeezing a beanpaste through a stencil to act as a barrier prior to dyeing in indigo. Hence its name of Indigo Beanpaste or Lan Yin Hua Bu. It is also known by the name of Blue Nankeen.

This fabric has large open peonies on a white background.

This fabric is created by hand and therefore there may be discrepancies in the colour or pattern.  This is entirely normal and part of the charm of a hand crafted textile.

Peony - Beanpaste Fabric

  • This fabric has been dyed in natural indigo and initially this dye will transfer onto hands and clothing.  It is therefore important to wash this fabric until the water runs clear before using it in a cool wash to stabilize the colour.

    The white areas of the cloth have been in a resistance paste made from soyabeans and lime and it is likely that the fabric will feel stiff as some of the resistance paste will remain.  Once this is washed the excess paste will be washed away.


  • 90cm / 35 inches wide

    100% Cotton

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