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Inspired by the waterways in the village of Lijang which run alongside the cobbled streets and a filled with fish.  Fish or in particular carp are thought to be a sign of good fortune and prosperity.

This kit to make a wall hanging/quilt depicting Chinese carp (Koi carp) with waterlilies and lilypads using quilting, applique and embroidery techniques.

This kit is available as a full kit containing the template and all the fabric needed to create the FRONT of the panel (i.e no wadding or backing fabric are included).  Patterns of fabric may vary to those shown on the sample.

Chinese Carp Quilt kit

  • The indigo fabric has been dyed in natural indigo and initially this dye will come off on hands and clothing.  It is therefore important to wash this fabric until the water runs clear before using it in a cool wash, to stabilise the colour.

    It is recommended that all the fabric in the kit is washed prior to use to prevent any colour running or shrinking.

  • 100% Pure Cotton

    Dimensions: 66 x 84cm (26 x 33in)

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