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These scrap bags contain six prices of handmade indigo Beanpaste fabric (Blue Nankeen or Lan Yin Hua Bu).

Made from 100% cotton and dyed with natural indigo these stunning designs are mixing ground soya beans into a flour and mising with water and lime to make a thick paste.  The paste is then squeezed through a stencil onto the fabric and left to dry.  Once dry the fabrics is dyed in indigo and then dyed until the desired depth of colour is achieved.  Once dry the paste is scraped off to reveal the un-dyed areas of the fabric and the beauty of the pattern is revealed.
These scraps are perfect for small craft projects, scrapbooking, card making or quilting.
Please note:
  • These scrap bags contain a variety of designs and are in mixture of sizes (no smaller than 6cm x5cm but generally around 10cm x 15cm).
  • This fabric has been dyed with natural indigo and the excess indigo needs to be washed from the fabric before using. We recommend that you hand wash the fabric until the water runs clear before using.
  • Each bag contains a random selection of patterns - I cannot select particular patterns for you.
  • The price is for one bag, containing 6 pieces of fabric.




Chinese Beanpaste (Lan Yin Hua Bu) Indigo Cotton Fabric - Scrap bag

  • This fabric has been dyed in natural indigo and initially this dye will transfer onto hands and clothing.  It is therefore important to wash this fabric until the water runs clear before using it in a cool wash, to stabilise the colour.

  • 100% Pure Cotton

    Various sizes

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