A zipped pouch bag kit using denim and a lining of Chinese Beanpaste fabric.

The front of the bag is decorated with an appliqued branch of Cherrry Blossom in Chinese Beanpaste and Shibori fabrics and hand dyed pink cotton.  This is finished off with a length of pink silky thread and a gold coloured charm.

This kit is perfect for storing your facemask, hand sanitiser etc in your handbag.
The kit includes:
Denim, beanpaste fabric for lining, beanpaste, shibori and pink cotton for the cherry blossom branch, bondaweb, zipper, length of silky thread for zipper pull and gold coloured charm as well as full instructions and templates.

Cherry Blossom Zipper Pouch

  • 18cm x22cm (7inches x 8.5inches)